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     Muwekma Ohlone Tribe
of the San Francisco Bay Area

        Makkin Mak Muwekma Wolwoolum, 'Akkoy Mak-Warep, Manne Mak Hiswi!

                  We Are Muwekma Ohlone, Welcome To Our Land, Where We Are Born!


Earth Day - Pire

Earth Day - Pire ’I-Túuxi

In Honor of Earth Day, We Would Like to Honor God, Mother Earth, the Waterways, the Land, the Air That We Breathe, and Each Other – Happy Earth Day!

In Our Native Muwekma Ohlone Chochenyo Language we say -

Taššu Pire ’I-Túuxi, Makkin Taššu Yoos, ’Annan Pire, Síi, Warep, Hínnan, ’ayye Hemmenya - Horše Pire ’I-Túuxi!